Reaching your audience everywhere is critical to digital marketing success. Learn how Unity Forma, our new product for marketing professionals, makes it easy to create and publish real-time 3D product configurators to multiple endpoints, including mobile web. To show what’s possible, we’re debuting a WebGL car configurator demo that runs Unity in your web browser. […]

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You can improve the runtime efficiency of your shader without sacrificing the quality of your graphics by packing physically based rendering (PBR) material information into a single texture map and layering it into a compact shader. Check out this experiment. This experiment works in both the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and High Definition Render Pipeline […]

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Kick off 2021 with powerful procedural tools that work alongside example-based AI superstar nodes. Welcome to 2021 – and our first ArtEngine release of the year. While we’ve always had you covered when it comes to the example-based workflow, we’ve dedicated this past year to developing some powerful procedural nodes to augment your example-based toolkit […]

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We’ve got a strong birds-eye-view of the great things creators made happen in the gaming industry in 2020. By compiling and analysing this data, we hope to help you try and make sense of an unprecedented year for the gaming industry and the world at large.  The 2021 Gaming Report is a comprehensive review of […]

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Saving data is critical for any game. Whether you need to save high scores, preferences, or a game state, Unity offers a variety of methods – from PlayerPrefs to serializing data, encrypting it, and writing to a file. As part of Unite Now 2020, I created a session with tips on data persistence in Unity. […]

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Choose your own adventure with Protofactor’s AAA-quality creature and character assets at 50% off.   Now is the time to create spellbinding stories with heroic fantasy content from one of the Asset Store’s most popular publishers. Protofactor offers more than 200 packages of finely detailed action figures, animals, beasts, and other sci-fi hybrids – and all […]

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This new, free e-book points to the hidden pitfalls of games’ development, launch, and operation – and shows you how to avoid them. Hidden costs can derail your game’s development. From concept to release,  decisions made during the development process can cascade back on one another in ways that amplify their negative effects. And even if […]

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