The Unity Burst Compiler transforms your C# code into highly optimized machine code. Since the first stable release of Burst Compiler a year ago, we have been working to improve the quality, experience, and robustness of the compiler. As we’ve released a major new version, Burst 1.3, we would like to take this opportunity to […]

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From Pokémon characters dropped into city streets to costume filters decorating our Snapchat selfies, AR experiences are becoming a part of our daily lives. But augmented reality is more than entertainment. Now, brands are getting seriously involved too. Today, businesses with physical products, real-world locations, or troves of intellectual property are exploring AR as a […]

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The latest version of Unity MARS features the Rules workflow, a new UI view and method for describing AR layout and behavior concisely and in plain language. This provides you with a clear starting point for creating your AR experiences, and an easy way to manage hierarchies and to describe interactions. Unity MARS helps you […]

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Creating games isn’t easy. It’s not just about sitting down, thinking of a cool idea, and coding it up – a lot can go wrong. Read on to learn about some of the most typical pitfalls. If you can overcome these, you’ll improve your game’s chances to succeed in a competitive marketplace. There are several […]

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The Unity Distribution Portal (UDP) can help you reach the massive international market of players beyond Google Play – all with just one build managed from a single dashboard. The competition in today’s mobile game market is fierce. To succeed, you need to get your game in front of as many potential players as possible. Google […]

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Learn how to bring your game graphics to life. We’ve gathered the latest tutorial content to level up your game in the Universal Render Pipeline – plus a behind-the-scenes peek at how its features were used to create the Boat Attack game demo (available for download). The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is designed for optimized real-time performance […]

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We’re evolving our features to give game publishers more control over the revenue they generate. Effective monetization strikes a delicate balance of strategic planning and setup with automated and efficient execution. At Unity, we’ve done a lot to get the automation right with advanced machine learning applied to the most robust dataset in mobile gaming. […]

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We’re offering over 150 great reasons to help students get excited about learning. Level up your Unity skills by pairing the free Unity Student license with a collection of A+ assets at 50% off. The Back to School 2020 offer is exclusively available to student users, and includes over 150 popular Unity Asset Store packages. […]

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Unity is proud to be a Champion Sponsor of the SIGGRAPH 2020 Virtual Conference, enabling creators everywhere to take part together with thousands of computer graphics professionals from around the world in research and learning. Join us online during SIGGRAPH 2020, the world’s leading conference for computer graphics, taking place online August 17–28. We are […]

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At the Honda Design Center in Japan, designers need to frequently showcase their vehicle concepts and designs to management to get the green light, but they needed a better way to express “Koto-zukuri” – one of the “Strengths of Honda” focused on creating new experiences and stories around products. Working in partnership with Unity’s professional […]

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