In Unity 2020.1 we have a new Physics component: ArticulationBody. Articulations make it easier than ever to simulate robotic arms and kinematic chains with realistic physics and movement. Along with other improvements from PhysX 4.1, Unity is more capable than ever of simulation for industrial applications. Unity 2020.1: delivering better physics  With Unity 2019.3 we […]

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For Black Horizon Studios, succeeding as a Unity Asset Store publisher has meant striking a balance between being accessible enough for hobbyists and flexible enough for pros. By striving to meet both needs, this small studio has created incredible programming systems for dynamic world-building that take your project to the next level, wherever your skills […]

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To establish and maintain player engagement, you need to operate on both the macro and the micro levels: adhere to best practices game-wide and tailor messages on a player-by-player basis.  The right engagement is what sets games up for long-term success. Without using intelligent engagement strategies to put players first, even the greatest game concepts […]

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