You can enhance your existing apps by easily adding AR, real-time rendering, mini-games and more into your native mobile experience. Unity 2019.4 LTS adds support for using Unity as a Library controlled by Android/Java and iOS/Objective C apps. As we announced last June, Unity is creating solutions for developers who want to include features powered […]

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We’ve teamed up with Asset Store creators for our newest bundle of made-with-Unity games – plus the assets used to create them. Meet the teams from Five Studios Interactive and doorfortyfour to learn how Asset Store publishers use assets to create amazing games. We’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Unity Asset Store with a Humble […]

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With Unity 2020.2, we’re continuing our 2020 focus on performance, stability and workflow improvements. Join the beta and let us know what you think about the upcoming tools. Based on our community’s feedback, we committed to ensuring greater stability and improving quality of life for all users as we entered 2020. This included making the […]

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Introducing the Unity for Humanity Summit, a free, one-day, online event spotlighting how creators around the globe are building experiences that have a positive or meaningful impact on society and the planet. Real-time 3D is revolutionizing how people work, how they learn, and the scale of what they can create. Unity for Humanity, a Unity […]

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Our new, free live learning series offers actionable insights and inspiration for Unity educators to arm their students with the skills to lead the real-time 3D revolution. Check out the session details and register for Unity Educators Live. The future has never seemed more uncertain. Students are graduating into a job market where the prevailing […]

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When you start developing a big project, you don’t want to learn too late that your great idea isn’t quite as fun as you’d hoped. Developing a game requires time and resources, so you need to put your efforts into projects with the greatest possibility of success. How can you be sure that you’re pursuing […]

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We’re launching Cloud Content Delivery – a powerful end-to-end content management solution for developers to help you get your game content to the right users at the right time.  Developing, managing and delivering content is resource-intensive and fraught with challenges. Few reliable end-to-end solutions are available to help studios manage these tasks. Setting up […]

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New users can start creating in Unity faster than ever with the LEGO Microgame (currently in beta), our most recent addition to the Microgames series. Unity’s Microgames are guided experiences designed to get new users working in the Editor quickly and easily. They’re designed to help you move swiftly from opening your first project to […]

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Learn how Unity and HoloLens 2 have become essential tools one of the world’s largest automakers to streamline processes, increase understanding, and save time. One of the core principles of Toyota Motor Corporation is Kaizen (continuous improvement). In both production equipment and work procedures, Kaizen seeks to drive maximum quality, efficiency gains, and elimination of […]

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We evaluated and researched today’s most popular netcode frameworks for multiplayer games to inform your decision.  Every multiplayer game has to account and solve for inherent network-related challenges that impact the game experience, such as latency, packet loss, and scene management, and games solve these challenges in a variety of ways. Finding the right solution […]

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