noviembre 2020

Expanded support for BIM 360 models, a new user interface, and more 1:1 AR options unlock greater collaboration opportunities for designers and stakeholders to conduct real-time BIM design reviews and project coordination. Unity Reflect is a BIM design and coordination solution that connects all project members on one immersive, collaborative, real-time platform regardless of device, […]

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Learn how SimRTR developer Eduardo Pérez used Unity Reflect to create RETIMA, a real-time manager for building information modeling (BIM) that enables you to create high-quality instant renders, fully configurable graphic settings including volumetric light and symbolic representation, automatically generate people with variable occupancy density, and more. Switzerland-based SimRTR builds cloud platforms for advanced BIM […]

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How do you spread public health awareness among children during a global pandemic? It’s easy when you have an irresistible song and an agile content creation pipeline. Find out how Pinkfong uses Unity.  With more than 7 billion views, “Baby Shark,” a catchy children’s song recorded by SmartStudy, the company behind the global preschool […]

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With the Input System, you can quickly set up controls for multiple platforms, from mobile to VR. Get started with our example projects and new video tutorials for beginners and intermediate users. Input is at the heart of what makes your real-time projects interactive. Unity’s system for input standardizes the way you implement controls and […]

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Deep Learning is now powering numerous AI technologies in daily life, and convolutional neural networks (CNNs) can apply complex treatments to images at high speeds. At Unity, we aim to propose seamless integration of CNN inference in the 3D rendering pipeline. Unity Labs, therefore, works on improving state-of-the-art research and developing an efficient neural inference […]

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The Unity Burst Compiler transforms your C# code into highly optimized machine code. One question that we get often from our amazing forum users like @dreamingimlatios surrounds in parameters to functions within Burst code. Should developers use them and where? We’ve put together this post to try and explain them a bit more in detail. […]

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In our new report “Top 2021 Trends: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction,” industry experts shed light on 15 trends that are going to shape the industry in 2021 and beyond. The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has historically been slow to change. For instance, productivity in construction has only grown one percent annually over the […]

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Blackbird Interactive follows up on their successful Steam Early Access release with a major content update and an upcoming all-new ship class. In an out-of-this-world Creator Spotlight, we catch up with Blackbird Interactive for the latest on Hardspace: Shipbreaker following their first major title update, The Haunted Frontier. This content update features a host of […]

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Operating a live game is a delicate process, but data can guide you to the right messaging and mechanics to help your players get the most out of the gaming experience. Here are a few tips from our latest e-book. Every game-maker wants to improve their players’ experiences. However, most people don’t know where or […]

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Within Eidos Labs, several projects use machine learning. The Automated Game Testing project tackles the problem of testing the functionality of expansive AAA games by modeling player behavior with agents that have learned behavior using reinforcement learning (RL).  In this blog post, we’ll describe how the team at Eidos Labs created the Grid Sensor within […]

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