septiembre 2020

While game development is a rewarding adventure, working as a team is an effective way of tackling the many challenges along the way. We’d like to invite you to embark on that journey with us in Unity’s first open-source game development program. Unity’s Creator and Developer Advocacy team is dedicated to providing great sessions and […]

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New beta version of Unity Reflect delivers a user-friendly stand-alone application for the design and construction community while improving on development workflows. Unity Reflect has always provided a platform for developers to customize and build their own applications. Over the last few releases, we’ve concentrated on enhancing the user experience and making collaboration in real-time […]

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Learn how to bring your high-fidelity graphics to life. We’ve gathered the latest tutorial content to enhance your game in the High Definition Render Pipeline – plus sample projects that are available for download. The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) delivers state-of-the-art graphics on high-end platforms. HDRP is best to use if your goal is more […]

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Unity Build Server is a new way to offload project builds to dedicated hardware, so studios can build projects at scale and improve team productivity. Building projects may not be the first thing people think about when they choose Unity, but figuring out how to handle project builds can be a significant problem as projects […]

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Hundreds of game studios – from skeleton-crew indies to big-budget AAAs – turn to Unity Customer Success Services to ensure that their projects are built on strong and stable foundations. Renowned strategy games publisher Paradox Interactive relies on a Unity Success Plan to empower its development partners to deliver amazing game experiences.   Here, we’ll […]

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With a launch that saw 1.5M+ players logging in to take part in one of the wackiest titles of 2020, we celebrate their story – and the technology that made it possible. If you’re not already playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, following @FallGuysGame on Twitter or tuning in with the millions of others on Twitch […]

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We collaborated with SuperCrowd Games to make an interactive, MMO-inspired Indie Arena Booth experience with over 150 exhibitors. Here’s how it all came together. Since COVID-19 hit, the video game industry has had to rethink the structure of the in-person events that have fostered knowledge-sharing and community. Many events have been canceled, while others have […]

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The Unity 2020.2 release features several optimizations that are now available for testing in beta. Read on to see where you can expect to see major speed-ups and get behind-the-scenes insights into what we’ve done to make these improvements. Writing high-performance code is an integral part of efficient software development and has always been part […]

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