Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is one of the most ambitious projects Respawn has ever undertaken. An action packed, incredibly immersive VR experience set in World War II with a deep single player campaign and full-feature multiplayer, MOHAB is testing the limits of the Oculus Quest. Players step into the boots of an agent […]

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With 2D Pixel Perfect, the 2D team at Unity wanted to make it easy for creators to produce sharp and clear pixel art of various sizes and scales intended to be displayed on a range of devices. When the team at SouthPAW Games embarked on developing their first pixel art game, Skul: The Hero Slayer, […]

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Unity Forma makes it easy to create and publish marketing content and interactive experiences, including real-time 3D product configurators, from 3D product data. Let’s explore the import process and how to take the first step to start marketing your products in immersive ways on the web, mobile devices, and more. What is Unity Forma and […]

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Learn how Unity is supporting the MOSIM research project to simulate and analyze complex, realistic human motions for a range of manufacturing use cases. With the ability to simulate assembly worker tasks in minutes rather than weeks, companies can improve production planning, increase worker productivity and safety, and reduce risk and costs. The MOSIM project […]

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Across the board, we’ve found that developers have significant interest in using machine learning to fine-tune a game from a truly objective perspective. We built GameTune to do exactly that: to offer a machine learning solution so developers can improve game performance on a scientific basis. During the early stages we focused on simple use […]

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Build AAA-quality real-world environments Creating high-fidelity immersive worlds for players requires massive attention to detail – and specific expertise that most of us don’t have. The team at NatureManufacture does, though, and they’ve created stellar wildlife and landscape content that’s lovingly crafted to reflect real-world environments. Whether you’re prototyping a concept or getting ready for release, […]

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Learn how enterprises are overcoming COVID-19 challenges by turning to immersive technologies, and how these tools will continue to affect the way we work in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, introducing a myriad of unprecedented challenges. From adapting to remote work to the difficulties of social distancing, companies faced workplace and […]

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Desarrollamos un serious game colaborativo de simulación clínica

El nuevo año ya está aquí y en Spherical Pixel lo hemos comenzado trabajando en proyectos muy interesantes para clientes. Hoy os queremos presentar SimGame Medical, un ambicioso serious game multi-jugador de simulación clínica que estamos desarrollando junto a un gran grupo de expertos de la salud. El proyecto verá la luz próximamente, pero si quieres saber un poco más […]

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Have you considered using your Unity skills to help other professionals? Be part of a supportive community of instructors, share knowledge and grow. Apply to join the Unity Certified Instructor Program and take your training skills to the next level. Who are Unity Certified Instructors? The UCI Program was created in 2018 when Unity identified […]

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The growing prevalence of high-performance computing platforms in cars combined with the increasing sizes and numbers of displays are driving demand for more immersive in-vehicle human-machine interface (HMI) experiences. To make these advanced user interfaces (UIs) possible, Unity is collaborating with Elektrobit (EB), whose EB GUIDE platform powers in-car UIs for more than 50 million […]

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